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     Welp, I have been sober for almost a month... [6/19/2019]..    

If you remember from the post, which you can still find on the concatenated update dump, I had confessed to using drugs, and that being the largest contributor to my posting erratically on this page.

Since... I have fully stopped working on it, but I have been busy with other hobbies, like programming in Python3. I am doing well, if I am less verbose and intense. It took a while to get out of bed, but I've been doing good.

I talk to a girl that I like, and I probably would have never made time for that nor received the time of day from her had I not stopped. So yeah. Thanks for checking on me.

Be sure to look at the script-generated links page and the documentation on it, which is the main reason I updated at all. I'll probably continue to work on programs more than this website, but I'll try to remember to come back plug them once I get some working stuff to show off.

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    • --notes-include "... This is not going to grow quickly until I write a script to add things to it for me...."
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    • --notes-include "... Contains a link to several fully mad and still sane documents in horrible rough form, one well put premise or two, and several notes on plans for future writings. It also has a links pages to influential manifesto pieces.! ..."
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    • --notes-include "... These are old, old, old writings that really do not reflect the person I am today, but give a window into how I became who I am, and how I was very flawed. There's one local link or two but the external archive is complete with full permissions to read given to the reader...."
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    • --notes-include "... Just some means of connecting on one of my laziest pages...."
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    • --notes-include "... I have started multiple storylines that I plan to be short stories, but I'm not sure any of them are ready for publishing yet... so I'm holding off on sharing too much...."
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    • --notes-include "... These were the first pages I printed and it shows. Both pages still exist in a state of decay. The first is outdated and requires that I now write a more clear "whoami" page and the second is experimentally broken and requires that you zoom in and out of the browser to see how so it is broken/'fixed' ..."
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